Group Members and Roles

  • Bill: Radio Ad, Wiki Page
  • 'Alex: Graphics and Video, Pamphlet, Photographer
  • Kendalyn: Leader and debater
  • Kate: Speech Writer/Reader and Debater
  • Galen: Writer and Journalist

Group Slogan



What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We propose a government with three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch will have one representative from each state;regardless of the state's population, the executive branch will be chosen by legislature, and the Supreme Court justices will be chosen by the executive branch. Thus, there will be a balance of power to obtain the satisfaction of everyone.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

-Equal representation for every state, no matter the size
-Balance of power-so the big states don't overpower the little ones
-Three branches of government;executive, legislative, judicial.
-Equality in Congress!
-Virginia Plan favors larger states, while The NJ plan helps everyone.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Galen read this for me: New Jersey kicks ass
Right! BOOM
Ladies and Gentleman, if we are to be a nation, how can we be founded on the ideals of prejudice and indiscretion? How can we possibly thrive when the foundations of our world are built with the unjust and irresponsible inequality that the Virginia Plan stands for? So, I give to you: the counterpart; the right, the fair, and the equality that is the New Jersey Plan. All we ask for is for equal representation in Congress; no matter the size, and regardless of population in each state. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal” said Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Does this policy not apply to individual states as well? Men of a larger state are not held in any higher esteem just because of their birth place, so why should discrimination based off of state lines and population have any relevance in government?

In this crucial time period, the time of our rising nation, it is essential that we come together and unite as a single, strong collaboration of states. We cannot, we shall not succeed if this unity is not accomplished. The blood, sweat, and tears of our brothers were not shed for the end result of inequality. All of you know that that is not what they fought and died for. Either we stand and thrive together, or we fall and die separate. What use was a revolution if the end result was the same as what we fought to rid ourselves of? King George has been replaced with the Virginia Plan.

Galen raise you hand. Now, ask me, what is the difference between the two? Galen: William Patterson, what is the difference between the two?

Well Galen, I’m glad you asked that question. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. BOOM!

Both the Virginia Plan and King George’s regime want power for the top dog and undermine the importance of smaller states. Oppression is oppression no matter where it comes from. With the implementation with any but the New Jersey plan, the voice of the smaller states will be lost, and that’s hardly fair. Isn’t fairness what we originally sought for? Don’t let the blood of our brethren in the revolution be shed in vain.

First of all, all of us here have common goals, both the independence of our nation along with the personal and federal freedoms that it entitles. It has been a long, rigorous struggle for the independence we have so long sought for, isn’t it about time that we put aside our differences and come together in honor of our beautiful nation? Isn’t it about time that we abolish the prejudice and hierarchy that previously hindered us? The New Jersey Plan offers just that; it would be a fair way to govern these united States of America and end the strife, the injustice, and the oppression of our former land. We propose, fellow patriots, that with one vote for each individual state, no matter the size, there would be equal representation for everyone. Under my plan, the population of one’s state will not affect how much say they have in the government. Our opinion should not, cannot, and will not be silenced! Being born within the boundaries of a smaller state does not invariably mean that we are born at a disadvantage with a voice of less importance than anyone else. The New Jersey Plan solves the problems that have risen with the ratification of the Articles of Confederation and thus ending the reign of confusion , giving each state one single legislator, resulting in equal representation to everyone in these united States. Once these legislators are elected, they appoint leaders of the executive branch of government, who then go on to appoint members of the Judicial branch. This way, the equal representation is spread throughout all three branches of government, essentially giving power to all the people, fairly, and forming a system of checks and balances so that no one person or state is given too much dominance over the others. This my friends, represents true democracy.
The Virginia Plan would prove erroneous, and our nation will crumble just as quickly as it began. It is biased towards the larger states, and wouldn’t distribute power in this fair and balanced manner. Is that what you want for your country?

We implore our brethren to support the New Jersey Plan; stand on the side of liberty, justice, and equality for all. This is what our country, our home, stands for. Do not allow these freedoms that we have won to slip through our fingers; our republic depends on them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters of our infant nation, I am William Patterson, the official delegate of New Jersey, and I beg of you humbly do not let our society begin with discrimination! Let’s begin with a bang! Vote for the New Jersey plan because a state is a state no matter how small!

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

How is giving a state with 5,000 people and giving a state with a population of 500 fair?

A small state is just as much a part of our nation as a large state, and giving larger states more representation in P3-nj-plan-speech-patterson-0910.jpglegislature allows them to gang up on those small states around and make decisions that benefit the 'big dogs' the most. We just declared our independence from England because they were making choices for us that would be beneficial to them, more than us. And with the Virginia Plan we are going to have that same problem, except within our own nation, where we are supposed to be united.

Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

The morning of the Constitutional Convention had finally arrived! The fate of an entire nation would be decided on this day. That fate, however, was yet to be determined; each faction had to present their own, separate, and often conflicting opinions before a real constitution could be drawn up and submitted for ratification. The question of course, was what that plan would be. Would the delegates be sensible, and follow the obviously superior New Jersey Plan? Or would they take a gigantic leap in the wrong direction, and side with the evil, treacherous Virginia Plan? The suspense was almost too much to handle, with so much at stake!
Then, the lights turned on, the room quieted down, and the Virginia Plan representative stood up to spew his ignorant, ill thought out excuse for a plan. He started out with some nice ideas about unity, and coming together as a country, but anyone with half a brain could see through his specious statements. I don’t have the time to detail every outrageous idea in his speech; that would involve simply copying it down word for word. One especially ridiculous little tidbit was “States are NOT equal”, and that “State lines are simply superficial boundaries”. Ok, so maybe not all states are exactly the same, but shouldn’t they be treated the same when it comes to representation? Someone born in one state shouldn’t have less of a say than someone born in another! A system like that would be eerily reminiscent to the days of taxation without representation under King George III. And as for state lines being “superficial boundaries”, balderdash, I say! Do you think that the needs and desires of those in Connecticut are the same of those in Virginia, and the same as those in Georgia? I doubt it! People in different states all deserve to be represented equally, because not everyone can agree on everything. With the Virginia Plan, larger states could easily overpower the smaller ones, silencing their voice so that they never get what they need! The rest of his speech continued on in this ludicrous manner, I personally stopped listening to avoid losing any more IQ points.
Then it came time for the REAL speeches (with the exception of the Dixiecrats of course). Good ol’ William Patterson got up and gave a hell of a speech on the right, fair, and straight up awesome New Jersey Plan. Equal representation for ALL? Sounds good to me! Everyone, no matter what state they live in, gets the same amount of votes? Count me in! This sounds like a true republic to me, with none of that Virginia Plan BS involved. Equal representation is clearly the way to go, I just hope everyone is as sensible as I am and votes for the right plan!
Unfortunately, since some people aren’t as intelligent as us good, God fearing, New Jersey Plan loving folk, a compromise seemed to be in order. Roger Sherman got up and gave his speech, which had some good parts, and some bad parts. The parts about the New Jersey Plan being well thought out were especially convincing, and made him seem really smart! Then he started rambling about how the Virginia Plan had some good points too...I’m not sure I can agree with that, but I guess I’ll let it go for now, as he also supports the New Jersey Plan. This Great Compromise that he suggests doesn’t sound too bad; it would at least include a Senate where each state gets equal representation. It may not be the absolute best for this country, but it’s better than the Virginia Plan!
` After this, Crispus Attucks and the Dixiecrats gave their speeches. Crispus Attucks came off as a very intelligent individual, with some good ideas about reform in this country. Although the Dixiecrats argued that slavery was a foundation of our fragile economy, it seems to me that Attucks is right in saying that our economy will flourish in the long run if slaves are freed, and given the freedom to work for pay. Attucks certainly convinced me that slavery is morally wrong, and should be abolished immediately! Unfortunately, this might not be possible. However, restrictions on the treatment of slaves can be put into place, at least making their miserable lives a little bit better. The Dixiecrats, on the other hand, came across as ignorant bigots, who don’t know what’s right for this country, and only care about their own financial gains!
After everyone gave their speeches, it was time for the actual debate to begin. Everyone’s opening statements were pretty much just shortened versions of their speeches. The New Jersey Plan still sounded kick ass, the Virginia Plan still sounded idiotic, the Great Compromise was reasonable, the Dixiecrats were still racist bastards, and Crispus Attucks is still a very smart fella. The Virginia Plan’s statements were so idiotic, in fact, that our New Jersey Plan debaters decided that arguing with them in a sensible manner just wouldn’t work. Though some may have considered New Jersey’s insults as Ad Hominem, I thought that the accusations against “Colonel Sanders” and “Avril Livigne” were quite humorous. And honestly, when dealing with people as ignorant as the Virginians, there’s really no other way to argue with them! New Jersey clearly came out the victor in this debate, as the Virginians were literally left speechless after one especially ruthless attack involving Johnny Cash and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Meanwhile, the Great Compromise tried to keep the peace by holding a sensible middle ground, but New Jersey obviously dominated the debate. Meanwhile, Crispus Attucks hammered the Dixiecrats into the ground, countering their half baked, illogical arguments with well thought out and intelligent statements about slavery, and why it should be abolished.
So, after all was said and done, it was decided that the Great Compromise would be the way to go for representation, and the Three Fifths Compromise would be how the country deals with the issue of slavery. Not everyone can be pleased every time, but this was as close as we were going to get. And you know what, it just might work!

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William Paterson delivering a compelling speech.

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