Group Members and Roles

  • Lauren Journalist, Video
  • Carissa: Leader/debater, Graphics
  • Alicia: Speech/debater
  • Bethani: Radio, Photos, Wiki
  • Rebekah: Writer

Group Slogan


America's most reliable plan. Join in.

What Our Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution Constitutional_convention_group_slogan_and_image_great_comp_p3.jpg

Our states can not remain united if they are not united in their government. We need a compromise.

The compromise we are proposing would ''combine'' the Virginia Plan with the New Jersey Plan. The Virginia Plan wants both houses of government to be represented by the population each state has, while the New Jersey Plan wants each state to have one vote in Congress. Our plan presents a lovely compromise between the two, the House of Representatives would have representatives based on population, while Senate would be composed of equal representatives, regardless of state population.

In the case of who would count for the House of Representatives, three-fifths of... other-persons would count towards the population total, compromising between them not counting at all and counting completely.


Bullet Points of Our Plan

*Population-based House of Representatives
•3/5ths of slaves count
*Equal Representation in the Senate

Orator: Text of Our Speech

Different men see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely and without reserve. I, Roger Sherman, represent Connecticut for the united states house of representatives, and have been elected to the Continental Congress, where I have been serving actively, continuing with honor.

Brothers of our united states, we are here for one reason and one for reason alone, to unite our agreements to form a government of America. And how is this to be accomplished with disagreements of unity? Mr. William Patterson has brought to our attentions of the New Jersey Plan which has taken up much of his time. And Mr. Edmund Randolph has proposed the Virginia Plan which has also been well thought out. But do they individually please the majority? The Virginia plan satisfies the bigger states, while excluding their brothers of smaller sizes. the New Jersey plan benefits the smaller states; thus, enraging the large states. As you can see,sir, these plans are getting us nowhere.

We, as the united states of America declared our independence and we, as the united states of America must once again unite to form a government for our land. We must unite as one. If we wish to live in peace without revolt, hatred, or disgust, then we must all become the change that we wish to see. We must all adjust ourselves for an overall agreement. To do this, I have come up with a compromise that has combined the Large and Small-state plans of a legislature. From the New Jersey Plan, every state will have equal representation and from the Virginia Plan, we will have a bicameral; members of the lower house will be appointed among the states, according to the population of citizens and three-fifths of non-citizens and will be elected by the people. In the upper house, all states will have an equal number of representatives chosen by the state legislatures. It is our right, our duty, to come together and compromise. This Great Compromise will unite the small and large states. This Great Compromise is a plan that will be build upon our declaration of independence, and flourish our lands for future generations. This is America’s most reliable plan. Join in.

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies P3-great-compromise-speech-sherman-0910.jpg

Would have the two plans joined together so that both the large and small states needs are met.

With a house of represenatives voted in by the peolpe and two senators for each state as a represenative so that the larger states will not be able to out vote the smaller ones.

Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

On October 7th, 2009, delegates from the varying colonies secretly met in Richard Geib’s room to take part in an uncommonly heated Constitutional Convention to present their clashing plans, all of which were buried under the strongly built argument of the representatives of the “Great Compromise”. The Virginia plan boldly took stand the make-shift podium first, enticing the crowd with its one-sided plan, hotly claiming “What we need gentlemen in the Virginia Plan.” However, Virginia’s rival, New Jersey made an interesting speech the Virginians won’t soon forget. Introduced by “The Goodfella” William Patterson who pointed out “with one vote for each individual state, no matter the size, there would be equal representation for everyone”, explaining that the “biased” Virginia plan would only create inequality for America.

However, neither could match the power and passionate speech of Roger Sherman, whose perfectly captivating performance swept away both former plans by claiming unity between the colonies through both representation by population and equal representation by Senate, calling the motion the “Great Compromise”. Sherman went on to point out that neither the Virginia or New Jersey plan pleased the majority. “As you can see, sir, these plans are getting us nowhere.

The Dixiecrat and Crispus Attucks also represented their own plans on the shameful topic of slavery through horrendously stereotypical accents. Dixiecrat was actually was actually quite generous, supplying the other delegates with free cotton and “twang” entertainment. Despite the sweet musical tones, the tones of the enraged delegates were unfortunately not as warming.

Following up in the debate, each of the plans, with the exception of the angelic “Great Compromise” representatives, threw out dog-eat-dog arguments, half of which did not include the topic but merely insulting oppositions. Dixiecrat and Crispus Attucks alike hammered out well-devised arguments leading nowhere due to hard-headed delegates from both sides. Virginia tried to beat their ideals into New Jersey through a story about quarters and nickels, but New Jersey didn’t take and simply responded with an unexpected “Yo Mama” joke. The examples and explanations failed to shake either side from their stance…and the Great Compromise prevailed in all its greatness!

Comments from Rival Plans

Your slogan contains one grievous oversight: how can any plan be considered reliable if it elects Bush--TWICE?! -Virginia

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"Hello, this is a representative for the citizens for the Great Compromise. The Great Compromise is the only plan that will keep our government united. It gives both sides what they want. We can't be a united nation if we don't have a united government. Why wouldn't you choose it, aren't you tired of fighting? The larger states get their power in the House and the smaller states get their equality in the Senate. This is America's most reliable plan. Join in."

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