Group Members and Roles

  • Coordinator: Michael
  • Graphical Artist: Sharon
  • Virginia State Delegate George Mason (debater): Michael/Travis
  • Pennsylvania Delegate Gouvernor Morris (speech): Michael/Travis
  • TV Commercial Maker: Michael/Travis
  • Brochure Maker: Sharon
  • Radio Ad Maker: Kristen
  • Photographer: Kristen
  • Webpage Designer: Everyone
  • Journalist: Sharon, Kristen, and Nelly

These are the roles as copied/pasted from Mr. Geib's instructions, although I know that he combined some of these into broader roles, and some of the roles might not have been assigned, so just delete those things. It would be productive if everyone knew exactly what the other person was working on, so suggestions could be more direct and someone doesn't forget their role and work on something that's already being done. And to Travis, I'm not exactly sure who's actually giving the speech, but we should be able to work that out on Monday.

From what I understand from the instructions, Gouvernor Morris will be giving the speech, and George Mason will do most of the debating.

Group Slogan

"People aren't Property; they deserve Equality"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Crispus Attucks Plan

Slavery: Extreme restrictions on slavery and importation of African slaves, at the very least - if not abolition of entire institution.

Trade: Government at national level directs trade.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

When you watch the DVDs, put the points you find important here. - Michael

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Gouvernor Morris, Delegate from Pennsylvania:

My friends, delegates to this blessed Constitutional convention, we have a pressing issue on our hands concerning slaves and their worth as part of the population. Now I cannot say with any degree of certainty that you will find my stance agreeable, however, I implore of you that at the very least take notice of my case.

Slavery, as it is now, is an abomination to society. I would willingly, at this time, at this place, during this occasion, pay taxes to free every single slave currently residing in this country rather than watch this moral abomination, this curse of heaven, be sanctioned and tolerated throughout the states. This cruel and unusual trade, from which the poor African-Americans suffer, is in direct violation with the principles of the Declaration of Independence and American Revolution. Did not Jefferson write, “All men are created equal”, and because all men are created equal, that they have certain “inalienable rights”, among which are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? Does slavery not prevent the happiness of slaves? Does it not prevent the passion that comes with Liberty? Does it not prevent, in many cases, the slaves from living a long and full life? These facts, my friends, break my heart; for because of you selfish personal interests you refuse to admit these persons as men. So then, I must ask, why are they not men? Can they not raise their young the same as you have them raise ours? We trust our children to them as nurses. Do they not have the same impulse to rebel from us when oppressed, as we rebelled from Great Britain when we were oppressed? For it was not until 1776 that we broke the chains that bound us to our former masters. I tell you my friends, they are no less men than we are, and by being men, they deserve the same rights we do.
If you try to sanction this horrid act of torture in this Constitution, I can assure you that nothing good shall come of it. Some may say that restricting it will put our new nation at risk. Nay, the truth prefers the contrary. It is not a restriction of slavery that jeopardizes our nation, but it is rather the sanction of slavery that will jeopardize this nation because of its iniquity. Surely, I tell you, such an act will, eventually, bring down the judgment of heaven. For if we do not put this issue to rest now, will it disappear like an evanescent spirit? Nay! This nascent abolitionism will not vanish from the face of the earth. Rather, it will remain in the hearts of our descendants; and they shall be the ones to fight for the rights of those slaves. You threaten to desert us if we do not comply with your wishes. Yet if we comply, we do not solve anything. We are simply handing the responsibility of solving this issue to our children. The tension is like the fuse of a cannon. If we cannot do anything to extinguish it now, the resulting blast will devastate the unity of our country.

You claim that this issue is based on moral values. While this may be true, you also claim that morality is irrelevant to this issue. It is here that you are sadly mistaken. Nothing could be more germane at this point in our nations founding. If we do not set up and follow a strong set of morals now, then what shall prevent one of these states from becoming tyrannical and overtaking this experiment for which we have labored so rigorously on since the day we signed the Declaration of Independence? For it was the failure to recognize the states that proved to be the Brits’ downfall, and it shall be the failure to recognize the slaves that will prove to be ours.

If you are religious men, then there is no reason, neither moral nor logical, for you to support this treachery. The Israelites were oppressed, and so they cried to God, and God heard them. Moses was given a sign from God, saying that he must go to Pharaoh to liberate his people. They refused, and God’s wrath was inflicted upon Pharaoh’s men. What can prevent the same from happening to us? Will God not strike us down after a period of this oppression? God supports the oppressed, and in time, he will surely liberate his people at our expense.

However, I understand that we must be united for this cause to succeed, and no matter how much I rant about the abhorrence of slavery, you will not be willing to change your views. Therefore, I wish to suggest a few things that you might be more appealing. First, I suggest that the word “free” be inserted before the word “inhabitants” in the clause about representation. Slaves are considered as chattel, the same status on which the North puts their chickens and cows. If the cows do not count towards representation, then why should slaves? It is despicable enough that you own slaves; you are in no position to try to extend your power from that injustice.

I understand the fact that you are unwilling to halt the system that you have based your lives on for generations. However, that does not mean that you should continue to import new slaves into our country. Can they not produce enough offspring on their own to continue production at its current rate without importing more? If any certain plantation cannot meet this standard, I am disappointed that their conditions be so abhorrent, that even the natural increase of population cannot meet with your demands. Why waste money buying hundreds of new slaves when you can use natural reproduction to get them without spending a nickel? By using natural reproduction as a method of obtaining more slaves, you can get the same amount of work without having to spend money at an auction with hopes of getting more. It would actually support your own desires for wealth more if you followed along with us.

Now, it I admit I have been ranting on about Southerners copiously throughout this speech. Despite what we think, they are not the ones profiting from this system. The New England merchants are the ones who become wealthy from this odious business. For who sends their ships to Africa to receive the slaves in the first place? And who overfills their ships so that the starving and cramped Africans may die before they even reach us? And who sells them at high prices to traders, who then end up selling them to plantation owners? The Northern merchants. They are just as much to blame for this wretched system as the rest of us. If those in New England truly oppose this issue, then they should ban their ships from carrying slaves.

Now, my friends, it is time for us to decide which path the slave trade shall take: either the path of abolition or the path of restriction. It is enough of an abomination that I would prefer eliminating the entire system. However, since I know that this will most likely not be possible, at the very least initiate strict restrictions on the importation of new slaves. These restrictions would support both the morals of the abolitionists and the economic interests of the slaveholders. If we are to truly achieve unity, then we must decide the correct fate of these poor, innocent slaves. People are not Property; they deserve Equality.

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Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

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Comments from Rival Plans

Crispus Attucks are going DOWN!
It's On!
Bring it! Dixicrat Bloc is gonna beat you and then you are going to become our slaves, muahaha!

Travis, I knew that you were no Dixiecrat! -Alison


Michael and Travis getting ready to debate!

Kristen, Nelly, and Sharon taking notes at the Convention.

Nelly laughing at the silly arguments being made durring the Convention.

Michael thinking up a good counter attack on the other team!

Students being recorded durring the Constitutional Convention.