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Mathew Wiki, Radio, Video and Graphic. Overall tech guy.
Nick: Speaker
John: Journalist
Sam: Writer
Andrew: Debate Leader.



Seeking to provide the States with gratuitous amounts of equidelegation.

What Your Group Wants - Plan for New Constitution

The New Jersey plan proposes a government based on a constitution that will set up three branches: executive, legislative and judicial. Representation in the legislative branch will be equal for each of the United States, regardless of the state’s size or population. One or two representatives from each state in this unicameral legislature will be fair and unbiased, and give a more accurate opinion of the desire of the people. The other branches of government will be based on this, as the legislative branch appoints people to serve in the executive branch, and members of the executive branch will decide the Supreme Court and other justices of the judicial branch.

Plans for New Constitution - Pamphlet



Bullet Points of Your Plan

*Equal representation for every state in the legislative branch, without a bias towards population.

-All states have same power in United States Government.

*National government has the power to levy taxes, regulate trade and import duties, and state laws are subordinate to laws passed by national legislature.

-Step towards a strong, powerful federal government and national unity.

*Creates an effective balance of power while maintaining original ideas from Articles of Confederation.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

My colleagues, my friends, my fellow statesmen, I bring forth a format with which these united states ought to be governed. For over half of a decade, we have watched and we have endured as these Articles of Confederation have proved we need a stronger government to lead this nation. We can all confirm that a stronger federal government is required to bring together these thirteen lands we christen as our country. However, we must not forget our roots, as we the people of these states have broken from our previous oppressors for a definitive reason. With the ideals of freedom, liberty, and independence, we broke the chains of despair to establish this country; with this in mind, we must not allow any proposal to take effect which would

usher in the crushing ways of old. Thus, we as a free-loving nation must ban together to reject the strong central power proposed in Edmund Randolph’s plan. Spawned in Virginia, the proposal calls forth the creation of an entirely new constitution focused on central government. I reject such propositions, as the current philosophy of state independence is and has stood as method of governance of this country, and the current Articles of Confederations simply needs significant revisions to stabilize the nation:

At this point in time, the nation we call America is in fact hanging in the balance. The current system, allowing individual states to pursue self interests with minimal federal interference is surely the way in which the country was established, as well as how it ought to be governed through the future. However, the nearly nonexistent bonds between these states founded within the Articles of Confederation are unhealthy at best. My plan proposes that America institutes a stronger, but still not oppressive, federal government. Its primary aim shall be to unify the nation as it ought to be, while granting the states individual freedoms as they ought to withhold.P1-nj-plan-speech-0910.jpg

The first and foremost revision to the federal government shall be its right to levy national taxes. This such flaw, a serious lack of power needed in Congress, created a nation so deep in debt, it could not pay the soldiers who nearly lost their lives for this country’s cherished liberty. Secondly, the national government shall be granted the right to regulate trade, including import duties; and finally, laws established by the national legislature shall, and ought to be in fact, superior to individual state law, in attempts of strengthening the ties between these brotherly states.

In order to form a unified group of equal states, it is only necessary to give each state an equal voice in Congress. No one state should be deemed more valuable or more vital to the health of this nation. Have we not all shed blood against the English in attempts to gain our independence as free peoples? Have our ancestors not equally established the grounds on which this country stands at the present day? Permitting representation in national Congress based on population would cripple and besmirch the values of equality and freedom these states were founded on. I ask a candid audience: “for what reason did we break from the mother country?” Was a primary concern not that we were given no representation in Parliament? Such would be the case for the small states, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, under proportional representation. With so minute a population, a small state would have nearly no influence in the Virginia Plan House. Outnumbered and outvoted, the small states shall become subjects to the gargantuan of Massachusetts and Virginia. These flaws, along with the proposed highly strengthened national government through a new constitution will cause the Virginia plan to send America into the ground, decaying into oligarchy; state sovereignty would be destroyed, and the interests of the few, the large states, shall govern the peoples of the whole.

With that being said, I extend my beliefs out to America, offering forth a new plan which will protect the freedoms and liberties of these individual states of America. This country deserves to be governed through natural right and democracy, rather than Randolph’s plan, ominously reminiscent of our past masters, King George III and Parliament. The upcoming path with which this country chooses to traverse shall decide the fate of its peoples: democracy or despotism.

Video of Speech

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

Rebuttal Points/ Points Predicted to Made by Opponents
*Virginia Plan = True Equal representation is that based on the population of one’s state.P1-nj-plan-speech-patterson-0910.jpg
- Virginia wants representation by population so they can simply push more their policies onto the rest of the nation. States like New Jersey and Rhode Island are going to get left in the dust and have no power in legislature at all.
P.S.-Their whole argument will probably be based around this point.

*Great Compromise = Why don’t we just meet in the middle and have a bicameral legislature with one portion having equal representatives from each state while the other has equal representatives to their population, and whatever bill or law is trying to be passed must go through both.
-The Great Compromise proposed by Roger Sherman will be exceptionally slow if that’s what you are looking for. Although there will be a bicameral legislature, that tries to appease both sides it really doesn’t. There will be equality in the Senate, but this House of Representatives will be the law of Virginia and Massachusetts. Smaller less prevalent states will have absolutely no voice in half of Congress. This would certainly cause a stalemate or favor the bigger states, because if the smaller and medium sized states pack together than nothing will passed, but if they don’t than the bigger states will control the government just as much as they do in the Virginia Plan.

We also want:
*We call for a government with 3 branches, but with some key differences. A unicameral legislature branch with equal representation from each state and that chooses the executive branch advisors, and an executive branch which chooses the Supreme Court Justices.
*Regulate commerce and raise revenues to get out of bankruptcy
*More localized power, and not such a strong centralized government
*Federal Government able to levy taxes
*Unicameral Legislature

Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity


In the several months that our representatives have toiled endlessly in the deciding of our good country’s fate, there have been clashes of egos and intentions. The Diciecrat Bloc’s never-ending spats with the Crispus Attucks Coalition have P1-nj-plan-handout-0910.jpgdelivered intense debates and antagonizing opinions, while the British Block has done nothing but offend those working towards freedom, and whose presence here simply confounds me. However, until now, the Convention has been productive and lively, and working effectively towards the freedom of America’s future. But the very exact moment the Virginia Plan’s representatives began to aggressively and ungracefully bombard all other well-meaning delegates with their regressive ideals, was the exact moment the fledgling bird of Equality died.
While I was documenting the events that unfolded on this particular day of the Constitutional Convention, the delegates supporting the Virginia plan were unruly and loud, harassed representatives from other states and constantly refused to accept the notion of brotherly love or equality. They demonstrated no restraint in such urgent times, and in their boorish disregard for formalities, they were typecasting the stereotypical American that this country does not wish to have represent it. The representatives of the Virginia Plan shared no sense of unity with their fellow Americans that is so direly needed at this time, nor could they summon the adequate amount of level-headed intelligence to propel this Convention that can be seen among nearly all of the other representatives. It pains me to say this about my own brethren, but the presence of Virginia’s delegates, nor the plan itself, could be considered beneficiary in any way.
Speaking of the Virginia Plan itself, I must give it credit for the veil of deception it has thrown over the eyes of many a proponent here in Philadelphia. It is like a rotten apple: it is rotten to the core, but few would realize it until they have bitten in and it is too late. Their suggestion of a bicameral legislature based on population is biased towards large states, obviously, and a government based on this seems to be a mistake that few at the Convention have realized, and would not understand until they had accepted it and reaped their misfortune. This “House of Representatives” that they suggest could more accurately be called the “House of Subterfuge,” because there is no way that justice, liberty or equality could possibly thrive in such a harsh environment. It is sure to be edifice of intimidating proportions, the contents of which spill forth with a vehement overflow of lies and corruption, under which the fragile idea of self-government and a balanced federal power buckles and is crushed.
The Virginia Plan quote unquote “insists that each of the states would be represented in proportion to their ‘Quotas of contribution.’” The delegates of this plan claim that a bicameral legislature of this nature is necessary because the states with more population are a more adequate representation of the needs and intentions of the everyday man in this country. But this is simply not true. The hidden agenda lies in the infringement on local and federal liberties this instigates amongst smaller, less populous states. The subtle belief that the voters of Virginia, Massachusetts and New York are more important, intelligent and valuable than the great thinkers offered from modest states such as New Jersey, the radical Rhode Island and New Hampshire is offensive and absurd. Whatever benefits this House of Representatives may offer, the delegates of New Jersey’s suggestion of a unicameral legislature based on a Senate of equal representation will always be the more sensible, democratic choice. Additionally, when the official orator on behalf of the Virginia Plan held the floor, she spoke of “swaying the scales of democracy,” which is a cleverly disguised attack on the liberties we are so dearly developing at this time as any I have seen. Under what circumstances must the “scales of democracy” be “swayed?” Justice is blind, and it acts out of its own righteous accord we appoint to it, and any further guidance by the hands of these Virginians is nothing other than blatant corruption and subterfuge.
The Virginia plan’s speaker and debaters may have seen like sensible, well-meaning Americans with an honest proposal, but this disguise does not pass this reporter by. Suspicions regarding their less-than-honorable intentions first begin to arise in me when they began to constantly touch upon the recent uprising in Massachusetts, Shay’s Rebellion. While such events, of course, need to be acknowledged and dealt with, the Virginians instead used it as a scare tactic, always bringing up the fear and danger it strikes in our hearts whenever it served their purpose best. Compare this with the official orator on behalf of the New Jersey Plan, one William Paterson. The handsome Mr. Paterson dispelled the fears that the nepotism-esque Virginia Plan set in me, and straightforwardly proved the weakness of the Articles of Confederation, and the calls for balanced power that his idea of a Senate bring upon this country. In his words, the New Jersey plan “broke chains of despair” and has certainly supplanted in me the seedlings of hope and liberty once more. We found this country on equality and freedom for every man and every state that founds this country in return. Only with a government founded on equality and freedom can this be achieved, and see no traces of such traits anywhere but New Jersey.

Comments from Rival Plans

Dearest New Jersey Plan,
In your claiming our "effeminate" lack of muscles
you failed to realize that no matter how much we lack,
our overwhelming numbers encouraged by our plan can
only too facilely crush all of your feeble efforts.
Of course with utmost sincerity,
The Virginia Plan
I doubt very highly that they were talking about muscles . . . and I have to say, I 2/3 agree with them. --Virginia

There are Quakers in New Jersey.
Let me ask you, do you trust a Quaker?
I thought not.
PS You suck
With no love whatsoever,
The Dixiecrat Bloc
Its on like Donkey Kong boys. Much womanly love, The Southern Belles
preposterous amounts of equidelegation? preposteration? - British Block
New Jersey PLan-
You guys are sooooo awsome, we wish we could be you. P.S. You are totally going to win tomorrow OMG
Love, Virginia PLan
-wow its not like some guy with no life trying to support new jersery wrote this or something, if I were you I'd be afraid.

Great Job Guys! We're slightly jealous, but ours is awesome too! S

incerely, New Jersey Plan (Period 3)


The studs

The New Jersey Planners, actively safeguarding our future

Unfocused and looking for food, is this who you want to lead your nation?

Enthusiasm for Liberty!

The Village Wenches.

Please refrain from sleeping or ingesting questionable substances when in deciding the future of a nation. Thank You

Makeup, really? Liberty has no time for paltry things such as make up.

A true pioneer to lead us into liberty.

This picture is just perfect, just like the New Jersey Plan

Visionaries for a bright future.

All he needs is a square mustache and he'll resemble Hitler.

The rebellious "children" taking a stand against the British Block.

There are just so many things wrong with this picture.

May I ask even why a British representative is here?

Handsome delegates generally tend to be trustworthy and correct in political views.

Collin looks nice, but behind that facade is a negro shooting slave owner.

Sam O'Donnell diligently writes words on paper to prove his intellectualism.

Behind those treacherous smiles is despotism.

Handsome delegates continue to point in a virile manner.

Handsome delegates firmly assert their dominance through aggressive pointing.

TA Mr. Ian begins to videotape American history.

Mr. Geib prepares the floor of the Constitutional Convention before all Hell breaks loose.

The back of Jay's head, very poetic

Kirsten and Ariana attempt to cover up their secret goings-ons, and withhold crucial information recarding their bicameral legislature from the rest of the Convention.

Despite these Southern representatives lovely accent's, their voices make their words no more tolerable.

Handsome delegates clearly enunciate their points and make the New Jersey Plan all the more lovely.

The final moments of the Convention end awry.

Once again...why?

Lovely expressions