Group Members and Roles

  • Coordinator: Jay
  • George Mason (Debater): Jay, everyone had debate evidences to throw in for a collaborative effort.
  • Gouvernor Morris (Speechwriter/Presenter): Nichelle
  • Graphical Artist: Chris and Annie
  • TV Commercial: All, with Chris's editing greatness :D.
  • Brochure: Annie
  • Position Paper: Jay
  • radio Advertisement: All, Nichelle did the most for the Radio.
  • Webpage Designer: Chris, Jay
  • Journalist: Jong In
  • Photographers Jong In, Chris, Annie

Group Slogan

"A population of citizens full of courage and bravery; cannot thrive when power means slavery."

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We want to:
  • Abolish slavery entirely.
  • Exclaim that a sanction of slavery in the Constitution puts at risk the entire proposed nation by its iniquity, prophesying that it would bring down the "judgment of heaven."
  • Insist on restrictions on entry of slavery into Western states such as Kentucky and Tennessee, lest others "fill the country with slaves."
  • Accuse New Englanders of colluding with South Carolina over slavery, because their ships made huge profits off this "odious" business.
  • Decry the clear incompatibility of slavery with the principles of the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence.
  • Denounce slavery as the "curse of heaven," a moral abomination.
  • Suggest that the word "free" be inserted before "inhabitants" in the representation clause. (If the North cannot count chickens and cows in computing their representation in Congress, why can the South then count slaves? They consider them, similarly, as "chattel," after all!)

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Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Irony of the Rosie the Riveter Logo: Independence for Women keeps slaves captive?P1-crispusattucksbrochurefront-0910.jpg
  • Slaves were 1/5 of the population. 40% in the south.
  • If they are considered "property" they should not have representation in Government.
  • 10 states had already outlawed the slave trade, so it obviously isn't crucial to the economy.
  • 10 States that have outlawed slavery are not suffering any more than the people in the South are.
  • Virginia even outlawed slave trade.
  • George Mason believed that a ban within a few years would be optimal.
  • ----- "Daily contaminating the Minds & Morals of our People."
  • ----- Didn't want slavery to spread to other, new states.
  • ----- "It is far from being a desirable property. But it will involve us in great difficulties and infelicity to be now deprived of them."
  • Georgia & Carolinas threatened to leave convention, similar to whining children fighting over multicolored blocks.
  • Again, the Hypocrisy.
  • We all saw the chaos and disorder indentured servants caused; and slaves have even more reason to be angry
  • ----- Not being paid, being tortured
  • ----- Family being taken away from them. Family humanizes them.
  • ----- They are very much human.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

The speech will be posted directly after school today.


A woman, is asleep within the confines of a small and dirty shack. Outside, in the darkness, a transaction is conducted which will change her life forever. A baby is being sold into the hands of a cruel man for the price of a good pig. It’s feeble protests, uttered in unintelligible cries do not reach the ears of the sleeping woman. The man rides away with the child, into the night. Within the shack, the woman wakes, feeling inside herself that something is wrong. Moments later, a wild cry rips through the stillness of the night, bitter and mournful. Her baby is gone.

A man, exhausted from a day of labor in the hot sun, collapses in the fields. A basket of cotton drops to the ground, bounces once, and stills, its contents spilling out over the dry cracked ground. From somewhere in his unconscious state, the fallen man feels a searing agony, as his flesh is ripped apart with unholy strength. A harsh voice screams at him to get up. He flexes his muscles, trying in vain to lift himself from the dust of the earth, but to no avail, there is no power enduring in him. In his blind, helpless anguish, another crack sounds and his skin is split once again. Crack! Crack! Crack! Failing muscles persist in their vain struggles to lift him from the ground, as the horrendous sound of the cracking whip fills the air. The man is flayed alive. At last, he feels himself rising from the ground. His body stills, the whip sounds again and again, but it is no longer felt. Blood runs in streams across the ground, and flies gather to partake of the feast. The man is dead.
These crimes take place every day, but thousands of people choose to turn their heads in the opposite direction. Look South, my brothers! Turn your faces to the sad dark eyes of your black brethren in captivity! How is it possible that good people allow such stories to repeat daily?

Men are held to be no more than chattel! No more than the flies, which feast upon their carnage! If they are not men then why do they bleed the same blood, feel the same pains, love with the same intensity, and sustain themselves with the same food as men? I ask you my brothers, is it right to hold men, bonded to the wills of a heathen master, shackled with the chains of injustice, in such an evil institution as slavery?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” So begins the Declaration of Independence of these thirteen colonies addressed to the people of Britain. And so ended the idea that slavery is a practice of merit. It is the “curse of heaven,” it causes the God of all men to weep for his black children! We are all equal in the eyes of God! How can we allow the selfish desires of slave-owners to corrupt our morals?

If the south wants blacks counted as representation, it must be willing to relinquish its holds on our fellow men! Let them go free, and let them represent their own wills among their countrymen! If the North cannot count its livestock as representation, then why should the south count what they consider livestock in their population? The only way to count the Blacks for representation is to free them! Representation to all the FREE inhabitants of the colonies!

The south maintains that to end slavery would be to end their economy. This is not true! An economy based on the evils of slavery cannot thrive! The south is even now hanging in a delicate position in the eyes of God! How long will he allow his children to remain in bondage?

Your slaves will only work as hard as they have to in order to avoid punishment, and even then many prefer death to slavery! They are uneducated and thus unskilled, often wreck equipment, and expensive to own. Pay them, educate them, and you will earn a just reward, both spiritually and temporally. This cannot go on!

Now brothers, if thou wilt join me in the ending of slavery and representing our black brethren who cannot as of now represent themselves, stand up! Stand for the rights of MEN. End Slavery!

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

  • Economy Dependant on Slavery

  • They AREN'T human/have no souls

  • They have their places in society just as we have ours

  • They must have 3/5 representation in government

Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

The beautiful sunshine of summer in 1787 threw its light over the humble Philadelphia Statehouse, where fifty-five delegates hoped to establish the firm, unified, and respected government, completely scraping the weak Articles of Confederation. The Constitutional Convention began with the opening statements of the six represented factions: the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, the Great Compromise, the British Block, the Crispus Attucks Coalition, and the Dixiecrat Bloc. The Virginia Plan declared that both houses should be based on population- providing more opportunity for more voices to be considered. In contrast, the New Jersey Plan proposed the equal representation in the Congress- giving the fair, equal voices among states. The angry debate was halted by the Great Compromise- calling a bicameral legislature with the House of Representatives based on population and the Senate based upon an equal representation. British Block claimed that the King George III is a powerful leader and the “stubborn” colonists must remain under the British government. Some radical, impatient delegates furiously walked out of the statehouse, refusing to be with the “arrogant” loyalists. The warm-hearted Crispus Attucks Coalition appealed with their evangelic smiles to break the chains of the black brethren and to abolish the evil practices of slavery from this FREE country, while the greedy, languid Dixiecrats firmly declared that the slaves are inferior “chattel”.

As George Mason with passion made a speech on equality, the narrow-minded, languorous Dixiecrat Bloc shouted out the ugly and rude utterance, interposing the mesmerizing speech. He proposed the righteous Crispus Attucks plan that puts the end to the devilish, malignant slavery. He pointed out that the Declaration of Independence states that “ALL men are created equal” and therefore they deserve the equal rights and freedoms that we recently achieved from our formal mother country. Did our black brothers not fight with us during American Revolution? Was their blood not shed the fertile soils of our nation beside the white men’s? Did they not fight beside us for the same causes of liberty? These African Americans died during the American Revolution to secure freedom of this country. Is it not right to give them the equal freedom that they fought and died for? Are we not the brethrens with only different pigmentation? Are they not humans? George Mason therefore declared with power and passion that we as a new nation should break the evil chains of slavery. He proclaimed with his rich voice, “A population of citizens full of courage and bravery; cannot thrive when power means slavery”.

In contrast, Charles Pixny of Dixiecrat Bloc shouted that African slaves are not “men” and any restriction on the slave trade would collapse their economy. Without evil and cruel slave trade, there would be no plantations. He declared that the slaves are integral to the survival of the south. After he arrogantly stated that slaves are inferior chattel, he firmly declared that the federal congress should not interfere with the slave trade, and that the slaves should be counted in population as 3/5 of a person. If the North cannot count chickens and cows in computing their representation in Congress why can the South then count slaves? These hypocrites consider the slaves, similarly, as “chattel” after all. Against angelic idea of abolishing slavery of Crispus Attucks Coalition, they viciously claimed, “They are slaves. If you lock them up well, they will not rebel”; and “Whip them and keep them down!”; revealing their will to stubbornly continue inhumane acts of slavery.
Throughout this long and never-ending convention, many ideals and many opinions were brought forth in order to create a new thriving country. However, tensions between Crispus Attucks and Dixiecrat Bloc were extremely intense. Will the heated moral debate come to an end? Will our black brethren finally enjoy their freedoms and rights? Will they be emancipated from torturous bonds of slavery? All we can do is hoping that our delegates will make wise decisions for the bright future of our country.

Comments from Rival Plans

Jay, you do know we can see who added comments to our page right? Nice try though. Love, Cripus Attucks Coalition P.5
No one told you to write anything! ^_^ You did it yourself! I had no say!!! -Michelle